When Moving House 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Moving to your new home can be what you’ve desired for a long time. You might be moving to an avenue you’ve always dreamed of living on, or perhaps a house with a garden big enough for your ambitions. It’s one of the many great opportunities in life.

Moving home is believed to be one of the most stressful things you can do. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be exhausted but happy. If things do not go according to plan, it can get your adventure in your new residence off to the wrong start. Our staff strive to make things perfect for you.

doing everything yourself

Mistake 2 – Trying To Do Everything Yourself

As you plan to relocate your home, the last thing you should be thinking about is being able to do it all by yourself. Because you’re not a professional, it’s unlikely you have the skills needed to safely and efficiently move belongings from one house to another. Here are our reasons why it s best to not take matters into your own hands:

You’ll be unable to get an accurate picture of the volume of furniture and belongings that you have; at Funnell’s Removals, we do it every day of the week and can accurately provide you with an estimated volume and weight of your belongings.

You do not possess the experience of fitting items into a small space (such as a van) quite efficiently.

You may also not know how to quickly tuck items away from one another in transit so that they tend not to rub against one another and cause damage.

You may not know how to safely move items weighing more than you, risking injury.

You will not be able to lift heavy or awkward objects without proper training, and may likely harm yourself when you attempt to do so.

You won’t have the objectivity necessary to pack away your belongings without sufficient reflection.

Get in touch with Funnell’s Removals, a name you can trust. We’ll evaluate your possessions, calculate how much moving belongings you have, and plan accordingly. We’ll make sure you have boxes and packing materials, talk to you about the best route to take, so you do not have to drive in narrow streets in a large van.

Then we will present you with a written quotation.

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